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The Stock lower Oil Pan was a compromised design and the “Hump” made by the transverse frame member traps over two cups (two-thirds of a QUART!) of un-drainable, used, contaminated oil in the crankcase at service time.

If you like the idea of making your truck the best machine it can be, then the banana pan™ is a sensible one-time up-grade for you.

If you’re reasonably handy around machinery and enjoy working on your own vehicles, this is the perfect project for you. It’s very straight-forward, using a dozen or so mechanic’s tools and following the directions (with a little common sense) the actual work time is three hours tops, but you need to take at least TWELVE HOURS to let the sealant cure so there will be no leaks (the $16+ AC Delco factory sealant is included free in the kit).

The best way is to drain the OEM pan, remove it and let the Duramax© drain overnight. The next day, install the banana pan™ and let the sealant cure for twenty-four hours before putting fresh oil in the engine. If you’ve ever changed a water pump or an exhaust manifold, this will be about the same degree of difficulty. You just need to be patient and careful with the factory sealant. It’s amazing stuff, but IT NEEDS A DAY TO CURE! Check out the installation video below for a detailed step-by-step, or download the printed instructions from the “Videos & Downloads” section below.

The banana pan™ eliminates the “Hump” and facilitates complete sump draining. The 2+ Cups that were trapped in the sump will be gone and you will effectively loose about one cup of volume. The space around the Duramax’s lower oil pan is very restricted and there is really no space to expand the lower oil pan to gain volume. If you install a remote oil filter you will regain that capacity and then some (ex: NAPA Gold 1794 will work).

The banana pan™ comes standard in signature yellow powder-coat. If you want a plain one to paint yourself, just let us know. Black is an option for $30 extra. We also offer a Heating Option – 110-volt screw-in Heating Element.

Check the EIGHTH DIGIT in the VIN Code, and refer to this list:

  • VIN Code “1” is a 2001 – 2004 = LB7 (17-Hole)
  • VIN Code “2” is a 2004.5 – 2006 = LLY (17-Hole)
  • VIN Code “D” is a 2006 – 2007 = LBZ (17-Hole)
  • VIN Code “6” is a 2007.5 – 2010 = LMM (17-Hole)
  • VIN Code “8” is a 2011 – Current = LML or LGH (18-Hole)

Probably, although it does not effect anything on the truck and makes the Lubrication System BETTER it will still be a fight especially if a claim is oil or lubrication related. There is a “Low Oil Sensor” on the Duramax© Diesel that re-installs when you switch to the “banana pan™” so you still have the same level of protection for your engine.


It’s just the way it is. The AC Delco sealant which we include for free with the kit, is awesome stuff, but it needs a day to cure so that it will be oil-tight for the life of your truck – just the way the factory does it. Trust me.

We sell banana pans in signature Yellow, Plain, and Black($30 additional charge). We do not do custom colors because if you want lavender or chartreuse, we'll never get it right. Your better off ordering Plain and painting or powder-coating the pan with your exact color.

Some pans have this hole for an aftermarket temp sensor. If you want this feature, let us know and we will make sure you get one of these pans. If you get a pan with this hole, we will have included a stainless plug to fill the hole.

You bet! We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just trying to make the best possible upgrade for your Duramax!

The Gold Plugs are a state-of-the-art stainless steel plug with a magnet that picks up the finest iron particles in your oil so you can wipe them off the plug at change time. They are made special for the Banana Pan and drilled for a safety wire so you can trust that it will always be there. www.goldplug.com/about/
Gold Plugs are made in 50 sizes for every vehicle on the market.

The Standard Pan will fit ANY Duramax engine with No modifications. The Deep Dish adds 1 qt of oil capacity and has very large cooling fins. Usually used on lifted trucks, the Deep Dish requires 2" of additional clearance below the stock pan depth.

The factory heater is different, it heats the water jacket, high on the right-side. An oil pan heater heats the oil in the sump, which warms everything above it as the heat rises. The warm oil is easier for the oil pump to pump and is the best thing you can do if your truck has to be outside in cold weather. An oil pan heater could add years of use to your diesel engine.